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Bliss organic salon is a part of AJ'S salon in downtown Monroe right now.

200 W Main Street, Monroe, WA 98272

blissnoun, \'blis\:  utter joy, extreme happiness, contentment.

organicadjective, \or-'ga-nik\:  simple, healthful, close to nature.

salonnoun, \sa-'lon\:  a gathering of people, conversation and art.

Bliss Organic Salon is a gathering place for those seeking high-quality organic services and products.  It is a green, local, organic, women-centered business aimed at providing a safer and more gentle environment for the health-conscious, chemically-sensitive, environmentally-aware person who wants to explore mindful beauty.

Our Bliss Organic Salon will except appointments by next week. we will be the part of AJ's Salon in downtown Monroe. Thank you for support our Organic services.
Bliss Organic Salon
We offer John Masters Organic hair, skin and bodycare products, Songcroft Naturals local, sustainably sourced, truly safe and truly natural skin and haircare products, men's haircuts, buzzcuts and clippercuts, balayage, ombre, highlights and lowlights, fume-free, ammonia-free haircolor, 100% organic henna haircoloring, formal styles and updos, warm reconditioning hair treatment, perms and foils in Monroe, WA.